Retail VoIP

Platinum Services Telecommunication provides its retail VoIP services by specially developed web solution – CallnSpeak. It offers the individual users convenient way to make international calls at the affordable rates with high-quality sound and clear connection.

Retail platform advantages

Highest Quality

Due to its sophisticated technologies, CallnSpeak provides the best quality experience for your cheap international calls.

Cheapest Call Rates

Having agreements with the world biggest Telecommunication Carriers and AZ VoIP providers, we are able to offer our Customers the lowest rates in the VoIP market.

Call Pin Less

When you call using one of our access numbers, CallnSpeak system automatically recognizes you through your phone number avoiding the hassle in digit pin like most of the calling cards do.

Many ways to make call

CallnSpeak supports a variety of platforms (iOS – mobile app for iPhone \ iPad; Android mobile app; desktop application – a softphone and web-phone).


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