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The Specifics of International Calls


Calling and dialing an international number seems a very simple process from the point of view of the caller, but it is far more complicated from the point of view of a Telecommunication operator.

While the user is just making a call, his operator network service provider need to establish a connection between user’s telephone equipment (for example you may use a mobile phone, a landline phone or a headset with a PBX at your office, or VoIP line, etc.) and the final receiver of the call and support the communication within the established connection.

In technical terms, the carrier network provider needs to find a route to send the call through. This process is also called termination of a call.

Users can make various types of calls:

  • Intranet calls – include all outgoing calls within the network, as well as calls to voicemail;
  • External network calls – outgoing calls to the phone numbers of other network operators and fixed-line operators;
  • General voice traffic – which takes into account all types of outgoing calls;
  • International calls – outgoing calls to international phone numbers and mobile phones served by foreign network operators.

It’s not a secret, that while internal calls cost pennies, international calls are considered to be the most expensive. At a large number of calls, for example depending on the business international orientation, it may cost the business owner thousands of dollars.


VoIP Termination Services

Terminating international voice calls through the IP (wholesale VoIP termination services) is considered to be one of the most reliable and at the same time cheapest ways of call termination. Many businesses have already estimated the savings while using VoIP technology to reduce costs of international calls.

VoIP is proved to reduce expenses for international communication and vanish the geographical borders for the businesses all over the world.

Our company, PST – Platinum Services Telecommunication Ltd., holds a stable position at VoIP market for many years. Our 6 years of experience in wholesale VoIP telecom market, allowed us to offer various services like:

  • A-Z wholesale VoIP terminations
  • Retail VoIP services
  • Wholesale and retail SMS services
  • 24/7 technical support and quality monitoring of its capacities

Our experience allows us to maintain the stable relations with international Tier-1 carriers, wholesale VoIP carriers, VoIP traffic providers and offer them best quality wholesale telecommunication services and support. Besides PST is able to offer its customers flexible conditions for cooperation: by Carrier Relations Managers and through self-service wholesale VoIP Portal, which reduces the time of new Customer interconnection with us.


Wholesale VoIP Portal

Our web solution is called VoIPlatinum Portal (https://portal.voiplatinum.com) and it is a convenient and fast way to access the international A-Z routes for voice termination.

At VoIPlatinum Portal the customer can:

  • Create an account, share access with colleagues
  • Review and compare the rates on A-Z destinations according to 3 service levels (Silver, Gold and Platinum)
  • Choose the service level up to needs (or use all 3 service levels simultaneously)
  • Interconnect with our wide network of carriers with a single interconnection
  • Make secure payments (PayPal and bank wire transfer)
  • See the real-time statistics and create reports (on expenses, traffic volumes)

We provide 24×7 technical support and network monitoring on all the service levels.

Our wholesale web platforms VoIPlatinum Portal is the advantageous solution for both businesses willing to cut the costs of international phone communication by introducing the VoIP termination, as well as for telecom carriers, willing to grow their VoIP business.


  • Access the A-Z routes
  • Reasonable prices on international destinations
  • Wholesale VoIP services
  • The best quality-price ratio on A-Z VoIP termination
  • Ability to choose service level or use 3 service levels simultaneously
  • Billing and invoices
  • Reporting


  • Online access to high-quality international calls termination
  • Reducing costs of office telephony
  • Setting contact center at cheapest rates
  • High-quality VoIP communication within corporate network and with customers

At the moment we have more than 600 customers at our wholesale online platform, you can become one of them. Take the advantage of our services, become our valuable Customer!

Contact us to get the consultation on the services you are looking for, or leave your inquiry describing your business needs to us in order we could offer you the best service.